The Canemure project includes 14 sub-projects carried out by the project beneficiaries.

© Photo: Pexels, Akil Mazumder

Concrete sub-projects:

Smart Low-carbon Mobility Measures

Connecting to the Public Transport Trunk Network in Tampere City Region (City of Tampere)

Promotion of new low carbon mobility solutions and services (City of Hyvinkää)

Promoting the uptake of electric vehicle services in the western Uusimaa region (Tammisaaren Energia Oy)


Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Low carbon solutions for renovation construction of rental and private houses in Lahti (City of Lahti)

A climate perspective for the 2021 Lohja Housing Fair (City of Lohja)

Supporting energy efficiency and experimental design on public buildings (City of Turku)


Decentralised Renewable Energy

Digital solutions to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in buildings (City of Porvoo)

Promoting Energy efficiency and bidirectional heat trade through pilots (City of Turku)

Thermal energy battery for the district heating network (City of Lappeenranta)


Sustainable Urban Planning & Carbon Sinks

Supporting planning and pilots for carbon sinks, ecosystem services and smart mobility in changing urban environment (City of Turku)

Guidelines for sustainable spatial planning and urban design by enhancing synergies between climate change mitigation and adaptation (FMI and SYKE)

Creating low carbon mobility circumstances in a new neighborhood (City of Hyvinkää)

Maximizing the carbon sink of concrete structures (Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries)


Low-carbon Production and Consumption

Smart system for optimizing energy and resource use at the Seaside Industry Park Rauma (Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt Oy)

Low carbon solutions for household consumption (Iilaakso Oy)

Using carbon footprint criteria to promote sustainable public procurement (City of Helsinki)


Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Organic Soils

Verification of cost effective GHG mitigation measures for cultivated and forested peat lands & Implementation of climate strategy in agriculture and forestry (Natural Resources Institute Luke)

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