Hinku Network - Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities


Hinku municipalities and regions on a map, as on 19.2.2020. © SYKE.
(Population 2018, regional division 1.1.2020. Source: Statistics Finland)

The Carbon Neutral Municipalities network (Hinku) brings municipalities, businesses, citizens and experts together to create and carry out solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The municipalities involved are committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more extensively and rapidly than EU targets would require. The network aims to create solutions that have economic and social benefits as well as environmental advantages.

Businesses, residents, municipalities and experts in cooperation

The municipal authorities, business representatives, local residents, research institutes and experts work together to devise and tailor new cost-effective solutions to reduce emissions, especially in the contexts of transportation, housing and food. Information about the consequent new tools and ideas are publicised in Finland and internationally.

Emission reduction target: -80% CO2

The municipalities in the network are committed to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2007 levels by 2030. When the project was launched in 2008, five municipalities were involved. Since then, tens of new municipalities have joined the network. The network is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). A large group of companies and experts are involved as partners.

Published 2019-05-10 at 16:12, updated 2020-02-20 at 10:26