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Carbonneutralfinland.fi offers information, tools and solutions that rely on research and expertise in order to build a climate-smart Finland. 


Consumption-based emissions calculated for the first time

For the first time, the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has published consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions data for all Finnish municipalities and regions.

The results of the emissions calculation

Database of impressive solutions – Sustainability Leap service

Check out this database, share your own solutions and help push Finland to the top in mitigating climate change, building a circular economy and protecting our biodiversity.

Check out Sustainabilityleap.fi


Estimate the climate effects of harvesting 

Use our calculator to illustrate the development of carbon stock in forests and the related climate effects.

Read more about climate effects of harvesting and try the calculator

Sanna Ovaska: Sustainable travel is possible when we understand people’s needs and motivations in a diverse way 

Traffic emissions are a big challenge for municipalities in the mitigation of climate change, perhaps even the biggest. We have managed to decrease the emissions of other sectors, but the development of traffic emission amounts in Finnish cities has not been as rapid. We are working on this challenge in Tampere as well, writes Sanna Ovaska from the city of Tampere.

Read our Carbon neutral blog

Calculate your carbon footprint – Climatediet.fi

The climate diet helps you to find out your carbon footprint and make it smaller.

Start your Climate diet today!

Best practices and publications of Expert Platform

Canemure project produces publications about project's results and best practices about our differet themes.

Take a look at our latest publications

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