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Carbonneutralfinland.fi offers information, tools and solutions that rely on research and expertise in order to build a climate-smart Finland. Two of our leading initiatives are Canemure – the project Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities and Regions and Hinku - the Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities network.


Municipalities’ climate emissions decreased by 5.5% in 2019

The factors that have decreased municipal emissions include wind power generation, replacement of oil heating by other methods and reduced use of fossil fuels and peat.

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Reetta Huomo and Meri Mathlin: City of Helsinki procures more sustainable meat and dairy products

The City of Helsinki and Service Centre Helsinki have sought ways to reduce the climate impact of meat and dairy products by developing procurement criteria. At the same time, meat and dairy products were successfully procured more responsible and traceable.

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Calculate your carbon footprint – Climatediet.fi

The climate diet helps you to find out your carbon footprint and make it smaller.

Start your Climate diet today!

Energy efficient Finland – Energy Leap service

Real actions and solutions that have made Finland more energy and material efficient, implement and share your own!

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Best practices and publications of Expert Platform

Canemure project produces publications about project's results and best practices about our differet themes.

Take a look at our latest publications

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