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Preliminary estimates: Municipalities’ climate emissions decreased by 3.1% in 2021 2022-11-22
According to calculations by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), municipalities’ total climate emissions decreased by 3.1 per cent in 2021 from the previous year.
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Regions play an important role in steering climate work – the most effective measures have been compiled into model road maps 2022-08-31
Regional climate work supports and brings together local actors in the implementation of practical climate action. The Finnish Environment Institute together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the University of Tampere and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, examined the most effective climate emission reduction measures in the newly published climate road maps of seven regions in Finland. The aspects related to adaptation were also considered. The most effective measures were group
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Helsinki investigated the climate load of workplace canteen meals – the carbon footprint of food was revealed with a new calculator 2022-08-04
The City of Helsinki's Canemure subproject sought to find out the carbon footprint of the restaurant (Ravintola Merta) in a new office building in Helsinki. The goal was to be able to monitor and reduce the carbon footprint.
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The City of Lahti brings energy efficiency to renovation – check out the new videos 2022-08-04
The City of Lahti is looking for low-carbon solutions for planning renovation projects for residential blocks of flats and terraced houses. In the houses of Lahden Talot, concrete climate measures are also implemented as part of the renovation of buildings.
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