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Corrected press release: Municipal climate emissions down 38 per cent from peak years of 2000s 2024-06-07
On 16 May 2024, the Finnish Environment Institute published a press release on climate emissions from municipalities. Due to an error in the calculation, this press release is being published as a corrected version and thus replaces the previous one.
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The carbon footprint of Finnish second homes was assessed for the first time – a new calculator also reveals the emissions of individual second home users 2024-03-22
Travel related to second homes is the largest source of emissions. However, there is a lot of variation between individual cottage and cabin users.
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Solutions to clean energy transition – new research project speeds up phasing out fossil fuels 2024-02-06
Finland has received significant research funding of EUR 14 million from the EU to speed up the transition to a clean energy system. The REPower-CEST project will produce a comprehensive analysis of the means of phasing out fossil fuels and prepare a roadmap for implementing the transition in Finland.
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Municipal greenhouse gas emissions scenario tool updated – changes in vehicle propulsion and peatland field emissions 2023-12-20
The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has published a new version of the greenhouse gas emission scenario tool (ALasSken). All materials in the tool have been updated to the year 2021 and the basic scenario’s defaults have been checked. As a new feature, it is possible to select 1990 as the reference year for emissions.
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