Energy renovations can quickly pay for themselves

2023-12-15 Jenni Rahkonen

Climate change is a global challenge, and we must all take part in solving it. Updating old buildings to be more energy-efficient and sustainable is one of the most effective ways to decrease emissions.

In Lahti, we have carried out energy renovations with the aim of cost-effectively reducing the energy consumption and climate emissions of the existing residential building stock. The renovations and energy measures of Lahden Talot have taken centre stage.

Energy renovations can sound like complicated and expensive procedures. However, energy savings, the promotion of sustainability and the economic benefits are all good reasons to really take an interest in repair construction.

The property manager's activity and attitude can have a significant impact on the energy savings of buildings, the reduction of emissions and the fight against climate change. They can guide and influence housing companies' decisions regarding repair construction. Raising awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency and sustainable solutions is important for enabling housing companies to make smarter decisions for the future.

Mitigating climate change is not just about the environment. Although repairs may require initial investment, they often provide clear savings in the long term. Repair construction should be considered as a long-term investment that improves the quality of housing, lowers costs and improves the value of the property.

Energy renovations in Lahti have saved tens of thousands of euros per year

Cost-effectiveness is an important aspect of repair construction. Many property managers may be thinking about the payback period for their investments.

The results of the renovation measures carried out in Lahti have shown that the payback period for many energy efficiency improvements can be reasonably short. For example, in water saving solutions, the payback period can be about five years. Energy savings reduce energy costs, which can compensate for the investment costs of repair construction relatively quickly.

Repair construction can be started, for example, with smart heat control or by overhauling heating and ventilation systems. These measures can lead to significant savings in energy costs, tackle the challenges of overheating and move to renewable energy sources.

Find out more about repair construction from experts

The results of Lahti's energy measures have been published on the city's website. There you can find more detailed information about the various repair measures, their energy savings and emission reductions, as well as the costs. The website has gathered together reliable expert bodies, which are happy to provide further advice on repair construction.

It is a good idea for housing companies to monitor the effects of their own repair measures, such as energy consumption and costs, so that better informed investment decisions can be made in the future. Small actions make a big difference, and repair construction is one way to contribute to promoting energy saving, sustainability and economic benefit for your home and the environment.

Learn more about the results of Lahti's energy measures on the City of Lahti's website:


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