Uusikaupunki promotes electric vehicle usage in Canemure

News 2023-08-29 at 14:03

The Uusikaupunki development organisation Ukipolis has joined Canemure. The subproject shares information and encourages housing companies and businesses to invest in the infrastructure required for electric vehicle usage and thus promote the transition to electric transport.

The aim is to get housing companies and businesses to acquire charging stations for the community and, in this way, to increase the amount of electric vehicle usage. This way, the city, businesses and housing companies will keep up with development and the area will retain its vitality in the future.

Finland’s only car factory is located in Uusikaupunki. For the city, electric transport is the future, meaning that electric vehicle usage and the promotion of its required infrastructure is a natural fit for the city’s development work.

In the summer, Uusikaupunki attracts many visitors to the area, which creates demand for services. With the trials, businesses are able to provide electric charging services to the customers more easily with the help of a borrowed charging station.

Surveys help make out the future

Ukipolis is mapping out partners and organising events together with them in order to spread information. In addition, three surveys will be directed at housing companies and businesses during the project, with which the project will collect data on where development is headed.

The project will be visible in the area’s events and published in the local paper. A trial with a borrowable charging station is being organised for SMEs. The trial will last one year and data on its usage sites will be collected during that time.

All events will be open to everyone and free of charge. The events’ materials are freely available for use through the website or the YouTube channel. Information will also be shared through various stakeholders.

Learn more about the subproject:

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