Turku strengthens the city's carbon sinks and promotes the green efficiency of its yards

News 2022-08-03 at 11:14

In its Canemure sub-project, the City of Turku invests in climate change mitigation in urban planning.

Turku has strongly embraced the promotion of green efficiency as part of its city planning and building supervision. Green efficiency refers to the amount of vegetation in relation to built area.

In addition, the city has updated the Blue-Green Factor tool and supported its implementation in urban planning. The factor measures the volume and type of vegetation in the yards and the delay in the flow of stormwater resulting from vegetation, surfaces and potential stormwater structures. Thanks to the work, there will be more sustainable and greener yards in Turku in the future.

Turku is also investing in strengthening carbon sinks. This includes mapping carbon sinks and stocks in the city area. Efforts are being made to preserve existing tree stand, and areas suitable for afforestation are being mapped and new trees are being planted.

Check out the new video of the Canemure subproject in Turku (YouTube) (in Finnish)

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  • Project Manager Kristina Karppi, City of Turku, firstname.lastname@turku.fi

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