Climate Change Expert Platform

The Canemure- project's Expert Platform brings together expert organisations, regional cooperation groups, forerunner municipalities and other actors to mitigate climate change. The Expert Platform consists of the project's coordinator, the Finnish Environment Institute, as well as Tampere University, The Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Providing expert guidance and information

The Expert Platform produces tools, services and greenhouse gas emissions assessments for municipalities, governmental organisations, companies and citizens. These tools support the implementation of the National Energy and Climate Strategy (NECS) and the Medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan (MTCCPP).

The platform produces and shares information about climate compatible public procurement, sustainable mobility, funding mechanisms for climate action and consumers' opportunities in mitigating climate change, among other things. In addition, it provides capacity building and training in the forerunner municipalities and regions. An national seminar that is open to everyone is organised on an annual basis.

Spreading good practices in climate change mitigation

Information on solutions and best practices in climate change mitigation is conveyded to municipalities and regions. Additionally, the Expert Platform identifies, analyses and disseminates best practices throughout Finland. Good practices are shared for example through the Sustainability Leap platform.

Supporting municipal and regional climate action

The Expert Plaftorm supports regional climate work by producing municipal emissions inventories and providing information on the impacts of various emission reduction and climate change mitigation measures. For example, the CO2 emissions and energy use of passenger transport are modelled on a sub-regional level for 2050 using a regional scenario model.

Various methods and life cycle tools will also be developed in the Canemure-project to support climate action in municipalities and regions. The project will monitor changes in overall emissions as well as impacts of concrete actions using several different indicators. Research will also be conducted into the challenges and obstacles faced in implementing best practices.

Published 2019-06-20 at 12:33, updated 2023-04-11 at 11:11
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