How to join the Hinku network

The Hinku network is a network of pioneering municipalities, regions and companies. All new members are welcome. Municipalities and regions that wish to join the Hinku network and obtain Hinku status must fulfill the Hinku criteria and gain the project steering group’s approval. Cleantech companies and expert organisations whose operations promote a low-carbon society are welcome to join as company partners.

Benefits from Hinku partnership

As members of the Hinku network, municipalities, regions and companies:

  • get to participate in a network of pioneers in climate change mitigation
  • establish contacts with other players in the field
  • receive information and support for emissions reduction
  • can participate in separately funded research development projects
  • gain visibility for their own work, products and services.

Please contact the staff for further information.

Published 2020-04-14 at 11:27, updated 2024-01-29 at 9:22
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