About the project

The project in a nutshell 

  • Goal: To help Finland achieve the emission reduction requirement of the effort-sharing sector by 2030 and to reach the goal of carbon neutrality goal by 2035.
  • Focal points: Especially the so-called challenging reductions in emissions in agriculture, transport, and small and medium-sized industries
  • Duration: 2024–2030 (7 years)
  • Budget: 20 million euros
  • Main funder: The LIFE programme of the European Union
  • Consortium: A national cross-sector project of more than 50 actors from areas including public administration, research institutions, enterprises, and foundations. 

Focal areas of emission reduction action 



Greenhouse gas emissions from Finnish agriculture originate in the effort sharing sector primarily in the digestive systems of production animals, manure, and the soil. Most of the emissions from the soil are from the land use sector, where the primary source of emissions is drained peatland. As a solution, ACE is developing value chains of plant-based proteins and paludiculture, while promoting the use of biomethane. 

Maatalous ACE


Heavy vehicle transport and machinery 

Heavy vehicle transport and machinery continue to be powered mainly by fossil fuel. Solutions are being developed for the reduction of emissions from trucks, as well as machinery used in agriculture and forestry. Promoting these solutions is important for bringing climate change under control. ACE promotes the electrification of heavy vehicle transport and machinery and the use of biomethane and clean synthetic methane by demonstrating and developing charging and refuelling infrastructure and by piloting transport and machinery in the forest and food industries. 

liikenne ACE

Small and medium-sized industry 

Emissions come from the use of oil, peat, and natural gas in boilers, ovens, and other machinery and equipment that require high temperatures or high output. SMEs use fossil fuels in, for example, the food industry, the glass industry, metal recycling, laundries, and in district heating networks. As a solution, ACE promotes smart electrification investments to replace devices and machinery powered by fossil fuels. 

pk-teollisuus ACE

Policy and funding 

Finland cannot meet its climate obligations through existing policy and funding measures alone. This is why the ACE project promotes the streamlining of climate policy measures and funding to help reach the emission reduction goals in the effort sharing sector. The project will evaluate existing policy measures and draft proposals and produce tools for developing climate policy and funding and improving effectiveness. ACE offers funding information and organises training to promote investments that reduce emissions. 

Climate measures to be accelerated in cooperation with government ministries, research institutes, companies, and foundations 

The cross-sectoral national collaborative project involving more than 50 actors includes public sector organisations, research institutes, enterprises, and foundations. 

The network is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute Syke. The ACE team of the Finnish Environment Institutes has researchers and experts in reducing and affecting climate change, communications, and project management. Syke experts are responsible for the coordination of the project, tasks involving emissions, and policy action to be taken by small and medium-sized industry, as well as communications.

Persons responsible for other extensive tasks: 

  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
    • Research Professor Kristiina Lång: developing the paludiculture value chain 
    • Principal Scientist Anne Pihlanto: developing the value chain of plant proteins 
    • Principal Scientist Saija Rasi: Promoting the production, distribution, and use of biomethane 
  • The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
    • Chief Adviser Aki Tilli: Reducing emissions from heavy vehicle transport by developing distribution infrastructure and the service ecosystem,
  • University of Eastern Finland
    • Professor of Forest Ecology (specialised in digitalisation of forestry and logistics) Kalle Kärhä: reducing emissions from heavy vehicle transport and machinery in the forest and food industries 
  • Ministry of the Environment
    • Senor Specialist Miia Berger: Climate funding and investments  

Other participating partners to be funded and their representatives: 

  • Ahola Transport, Project Coordinator Martin Nybacka,
  • ELY Centre Climate Networks, Senior Specialist Soili Ingelin
  • Kajaanin Romu Oy, Production Director Niko Nyyssönen
  • Kiteen Mato ja Multa Oy, shareholder Aimo Turunen
  • Linkosuon Leipomo Oy, Bakery Director Jarmo Talasrinne and Production Director Tony Tolonen
  • LUT University, Professor of Energy Efficiency Jero Ahola
  • Metsä Group, Development Manager Janne Soimasuo
  • Metsähallitus Forestry Ltd., Development Manager Jouni Karjalainen
  • Metsäteho Oy, Research Directorr Jukka Malinen
  • Plugit Finland Team Leader Joona Töyräs
  • Pohjaset Oy, Business Development Director Kari Poikela
  • Stora Enso, Quality Manager Niko Hannula
  • Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, Head of Environmental Projects Harri Lammi
  • Toijala Works Oy, engineering manager Riku Lehtinen
  • Tuoretie Oy, CEO Kari Annola
  • UPM-Kymmene Oyj, R&D Director Janne Uuttera
  • WWF Finland, Advisor, Funding & Projects Katja Lähdesmäki-Josefsson 

The project also has associated partners. The associated partners of the project do not get EU funding, but they do have an important role in the collaborative network promoting emission reduction measures. 

Associated Partners: 

  • ABB
  • The Bioenergy Association of Finland
  • The Finnish Food Workers' Union ETL
  • Elstor Oy
  • Finnish Energy
  • Famifarm Oy
  • Helen Oy
  • Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku) network
  • The Finnish Climate Fund
  • Koneyrittäjät ry
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • The Finnish Bakery Federation
  • Rural Women's Advisory Organization
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Metsäalan Kuljetusyrittäjät ry
  • Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) Häme
  • Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) Southwest Finland
  • Naantalin Energia
  • Nolla-E
  • Phoenix Contact Oy
  • Ponsse PLC
  • Scania Finland
  • St1 Nordic Oy
  • Suomen Romukauppiaiden Liitto ry
  • Technology Industries of Finland
  • University of Vaasa
  • Valio Ltd
  • Volvo Finland AB
  • VR Transpoint Oy

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