Construction emission database Rakentaminen

The online service provides objective data on the climate impact of construction products used in Finland, such as carbon footprint and handprint, material efficiency and recyclability. The data harmonises the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of buildings and facilitates the design of a low-carbon building. The service is open to everyone and free of charge.

Emission data for construction products, processes and services

The service contains average data on the most common and typical construction products, and the service does not include environmental statements for individual products. At the heart of the service is information on the harmful and beneficial climate impacts of construction products, end-of-life recycling and recovery options, the amount of waste generated on construction sites, and the technical life of frequently replaced products.

In addition, the database contains emission data for the most common construction processes and services, such as transportation, construction and waste management. At the publication stage, information is available on a total of more than 200 items.

Data based on environmental statements

The data are based on public sources, mainly environmental statements for construction products, on the basis of which comparisons, selection and calculation of averages have been made together with experts in the construction products industry. The database caters specifically to construction professionals, such as designers, product manufacturers and construction companies. The information is also useful for anyone interested in the climate impact of construction, such as researchers.

Emission data has been compiled into easy-to-use results pages, in addition to which more detailed background studies can also be found. The service will initially be in English and will be supplemented later with content in Finnish and Swedish.

The Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) is responsible for maintenance and development on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment.

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