City of Lahti: Low carbon solutions for renovation construction of rental and private houses in Lahti

The aim of the Lahti sub-project is to promote the uptake of efficient, low-carbon solutions in the context of renovations of apartment buildings and private houses.

The action will focus on implementing simple and cost-effective energy-efficiency solutions, such as smart thermostats and other smart appliances as well as energy storages and other innovative solutions identified during the project.

Energy renovations

The project focuses on seven rental house properties. In these properties, multiple actions are conducted to help energy efficiency and reduce emissions. These actions include for example smart heat saving solutions, reducing water usage by renewing water fixtures, installing air-water heat pump, renewing the controls of air conditioning and installing of heat recovery system to waste water.

Some of the renovations have been conducted during 2020 and last finished during the beginning of 2021. The biggest action conducted during 2020 was installing of waste water heat recovery system to Lehtioja residential care home. The water usage of 190 apartment residential care home is big which means also the lost heat in wastewater is significant. During the Canemure project, a waste water heat recovery system was purchased that aims to capture at least 50% of the lost heat.

The true efficiency of all the actions is measured afterwards. Each property’s energy consumption is compared before and after energy renovations with precise measurement data. The calculations of the impact of energy efficiency and emission reduction actions were done by an external consultant. The financial viability was also investigated.

Energy advising is included

The aim of the project was to also to reduce energy usage by advising the residents. The year 2020 was difficult concerning advising events. Instead of arranging big events, energy advicing and information was disseminated during resident's committee meeting and social media campaigns instead

After 2021 the main focus of the project shifted towards dissemination of results. The sub-project acts as an example for other municipalities, cities, rental properties and private property owners when they are planning energy and emission reductions during basic renovations. The results are disseminated in Päijänne Tavastia, Finland and internationally. The experiences are hoped to encourage other actors to better their energy efficiency.

For this building Lahti tries innovative bidding for a solution where maximum price is known, but the emission reductions are decisive. © Lahden Talot Ltd

Time frame

  • January 2019–October 2021, follow-up of the energy used in the case buildings will continue further.


More information

  • Environmental Coordinator Jenni Rahkonen, City of Lahti,, tel. +358 44 482 6646
  • Real estate inspector Elina Rantanen, Lahden Talot,, tel. +358 3 8515748
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