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City of Turku: Climate resilient urban planning in Turku

Canemure action C.12 of the city of Turku aims to reduce GHG emissions and environmental impacts of urban areas as well as to improve the capabilities to adapt to climate change by urban planning. Canemure works both on processes and methods of urban planning as well as promotion of actual realization of best practices and pilots on energy efficient public buildings, renewable energy production, stormwater management and sustainable mobility. Actions will be located in the new, growing city district of Skanssi and the brownfield zone of the city. Remarkable growth of construction and population will be seen on these crucial areas of infill development within the coming 10-20 years. Thus special attention should be paid on the climate resilience of the areas from several perspectives. Canemure will focus on energy efficiency, stormwater management and sustainable mobility whilst we take into account also the holistic context of sustainable development.


Promoting energy-efficiency, environmental impact assessment and experimental solutions of public buildings (C.12.2).

Energy efficiency as part of environmental impact assessment will be worked on especially in the planning and construction processes of the new community center of Skanssi to be realized by 2023. New, innovative solutions will be sought for.

Promoting renewable energy production and/or stores for the bilateral areal grid in Skanssi (C.12.3.).

We will enhance pilots of plot level production of renewable energy by methods of co-development with both public and private actors. The innovative bilateral and low heat areal grid is already installed to enable new models of energy production, storage and trade.

Applying tools of climate resilient urban planning and driving pilots of storm water management as well as sustainable mobility (C.12.4.).

Tools of climate impact assessment will be tested and developed on city master plan level on one hand and detail plans in Skanssi on the other hand – the latter as Canemure co-operation with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (C4). A tool of the adaptative perspective, the blue green factor tool, will be promoted as user guidance. The blue green factor tool assesses the amount and quality of green infrastructure as well as it’s capability to retain stormwater on plot level. It was developed in the iWater project,but hasn’t been implemented systematically in the municipal processes yet. Canemure will communicate and support the actual implementation within the city and with the private planning sector, too.

Moreover we will also plan and realize pilots on stormwater management and sustainable mobility in the brownfield zone. The pilots will concentrate on street space, facades and inner courtyards and nature based solutions will be sought for.

Supporting the economy of sharing and sustainable mobility (C.12.1).

Canemure will support and develop the ecosystem of sustainable services in the Skanssi area by realizing precise pilots of smart mobility of additional value e.g. sharing of kids’ bicycles in the coming community center and/or a test period of an electric car for shared use.

Time frame

  • November 2019–October 2024


More information

  • Project manager Kristina Karppi, City of Turku, tel. +358 40 621 0542, firstname.lastname @turku.fi
  • Development manager Risto Veivo, City of Turku, tel. +358 50 559 0417, firstname.lastname@turku.fi


Published 2020-01-03 at 8:36, updated 2021-05-03 at 10:46
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