City of Lohja: A climate perspective for the 2021 Lohja Housing Fair

Lohja’s three-year sub-project sets out to curb the climate impact of construction, housing and traffic in the 2021 Housing Fair area in Hiidensalmi, Lohja, by promoting activities that improve energy efficiency, increase the utilisation of renewable energy and reduce emissions. In addition, the project intends to disseminate the good practices of climate change mitigation carried out in the area, making use of the vast publicity generated by the housing fair.

In the first phase in early 2019, the project concentrated on incorporating the climate perspective into the housing fair area planning process, such as the preparation of building instructions and plot application criteria. In the second phase in 2019–2020, the builders in the area and other local actors were encouraged to consider the climate perspective in the construction of the area.

By paying all-round attention to the climate impact, the goal was to build energy-efficient houses in Hiidensalmi, producing and utilising renewable energy and preparing for the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. Another goal was to develop a viable, easy shared-use system for gas-powered and electric cars as well as electric bicycles, helping families who move into the area to give up at least one of their own cars.

In the last phase of Lohja’s sub-project in 2021, the focus moved to spreading good climate solutions implemented in the area to a wider audience. The housing fair makes it possible to reach very large audiences interested in building and housing issues: the fair was expected to attract around 150,000 visitors, in addition to which it will have high visibility in both local and national media. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of fairgoers was smaller than originally anticipated. Roughly 80 000 people visited the Housing Fair in Lohja (9.7–8.8.2021). By the end of September around 75 000 people visited the Virtual Housing Fair.

Time frame

November 2018–October 2021

More information

  • Project worker Jenna Kotilehto, City of Lohja,, tel. +358 44 369 4488
Published 2019-02-19 at 13:17, updated 2022-05-24 at 14:18

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