Ukipolis Oy: Promotion of electric and biogas vehicle use in the Vakka-Suomi area

Ukipolis flyer.

Ukipolis, the Uusikaupunki development organisation, has a subproject that aims to increase the use of electric, hybrid and biogas vehicles and the number of charging stations in the Vakka-Suomi region.

During the project, the needs of housing companies, businesses and the city for acquiring charging stations will be mapped out. A questionnaire will be created for housing companies and businesses and will be carried out three times during the project in order to also monitor development.

The project shares current information on, among others, support funding available for investments and obligatory statutes. Events will also be organised during the project to share information on charging stations, services and the benefits and opportunities of electric vehicle use.

In addition, the smaller SMEs in the region will be offered the opportunity to learn about a free 11 kW charging station available for loan. This way, companies can gain experience with electric vehicle charging stations and possibly be inspired to acquire a charging station for themselves and their customers.



Contact information

  • Managing Director Katariina Torvinen, tel. +358 40 513 6892,
Published 2023-08-25 at 12:36, updated 2023-11-22 at 11:16

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